Youth Fitness and Athletic Development Programs

FitCamp focuses on developing young athletes ages 8-12 years of age. 

Full On provides a FUN hour filled fitness class for kids to allow them to develop skills and confidence while learning the basics of functional movement and training in an AGE APPROPRIATE athletic development program.

Fitness starts with the fundamentals – let Full On get your young athlete moving and motivated, for a lifetime of health.

LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) focused training sessions for youth ages 13-18 years of age that consist of speed and movement skills, coordination development, flexibility training and proper strength training techniques. 

Olympic Lifting Techniques, plyometrics/jump training, and myofascial release training are all incorporated into this program to give you that edge above the competition.

You will not find these strength and conditioning benefits in your average ‘bodybuilding’ box gym.

Our program incorporates age-appropriate exercises, full body function movementcore stabilizing workouts all with a focus on injury prevention and optimizing athletic performance.

“There are no shortcuts to athletic preparation”.

All indoor programs are a small group (max.4), we will recommend a group or find 3 like-minded athletes and start your own.

SpeedCamp (summer only) Join Full On for speed and agility drills that focus on making your speed, agility, coordination and movements smoother and more confident.

We will use a broad based, multilateral spectrum of athletic development in order to provide sustained success during practice and drills.

We focus on technique, injury prevention and fun all while increasing the athletic performance of younger athletes in preparation of becoming our future elite athletes.

All Programs  are ongoing, call for details

FitCamp  Ages 8-12yrs—Tues/Thurs

Long Term Athletic Development Ages 13-18yrs—Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Please contacts us for details and see if we have a program to optimize your sport or can start one for you and your team.

 “Building Skills for a Lifetime of Sports”