SGC is a focused fitness class where you and up to 3 like minded individuals get a workout specific to your goals and needs.

You will have the ability to schedule your class at times and days that work for you. You can have your sessions held at our Performance Studio or at a location that works for you.

With SGC you will have the ability to incorporate all of our trainers expertise into your classes so we can customize your program to not only include strength and conditioning with elite equipment such as viprs, kettlebells, slideboards, TRX and stabalization equipment, we can also develop a program that includes; athletic development, speed and agility training, cardio-kickboxing, spin, running clinics, and nutritional coaching, as well as K9, youth or senior specific training.

So whether you are a corporate team, a team of weekend warriors, a group of moms or brides maids – or just four friends who want to share some quality time attaining a healthier lifestyle – this is the class for YOU!

We look forward to building you a customized program so please contact us to see what we can do for you and your fitness goals. Class prices depend on your goals, schedule and needs, call for details.