One on one attention and personalized programs in a Private Training studio!

Our personal trainers are the key to maximizing your potential on your fitness quest.  Our trainers have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, cardiovascular conditioning, strength training technique, sports nutrition and exercise physiology.

This knowledge as well as personal coaching and mentoring ability, constant research and education to uphold new standards and advancements in the world of fitness is key to keeping you on the path to your goals and ensuring your safety along the way.

If you don’t push yourself hard enough you won’t see results, however, if you push too hard and end up injured you run into setbacks caused by muscle injury or misuse.

Our Personal Trainers our invested in your wellness and in getting you the results that you desire.  Your program is exactly that your program, designed specifically for you to help you receive the maximum benefits of your exercise time.

The other benefit of a trainer is the motivation and accountability they will provide. In general, people find it easy enough to get started but most people find it difficult to stick to it long enough to realize their goals.

Let our team of experts provide you with the motivation you need to keep going!

We offer personalized attention, phone calls, and inspirational emails – whatever you need to realize your dreams!

What should you expect from your Personal Trainer?

  • Assessment of your current Health and Fitness level
  • Information and Education on How to Build Good Habits in and out of the Gym
  • Step by Step Exercises Tailored to YOUR level of Fitness and Fitness Goals
  • Motivator and Educator
  • Proper Techniques to Ensure Safety and Maximize Results
  • Nutritional Coaching and Education when Requested
  • Certified, Knowledgable, and Insured
  • Always Personable, Professional and Dedicated to your Goals.


Pricing starts at $50/hr, but please contact us to help you find a program that will help you realize your full potential, within your budget and time constraints.