We have something for everyone:


Full On Fitness Programs will increase your strength, improve your cardio and challenge your core.
See what our Athletic Development Systems can do for you!

Group fitness programs

All group fitness programs have a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere for all of life’s athletes and we have many to choose from…

So whether you’re sweating through a fast-paced, test your limits class – such as our Boot Camps,

or want to see where a Strength and Conditioning, Spin, or Cardio-Kickboxing classes will take your training.

There is ALWAYS an instructor on hand to modify your program to your level, making sure your class is a fun, functional, full body workout, whether you’re a beginner, or an elite athlete.

Personal Training:

If your goal is sports performance, muscular development, weight loss or just want to enhance your physical well-being then a personal trainer may be what you are looking for.

He or she will offer you the individual guidance, goal setting, and the motivation you need to succeed, in addition to providing encouragement and support.

Our elite personal trainers have only one goal in mind and that is to develop your body and help you reach your full athletic potential.

During our workouts designed specifically around your personal needs and goals, we will promote and provide the tools needed to gain the results you desire.

So if you are new to exercise, recovering from an injury or just trying to prevent one we are here help

Team Training

Full On Fitness will design team specific strength and conditioning workouts along with the support, encouragement, and skill needed to ignite your team into a force to be reckoned with.

Our Strength and Conditioning programs will have your team ready to win the season and keep you conditioned and united in your off-season.

We will build on your athletic skill, develop your speed, agility, strength, power, and be conditioning all with a decreased risk of injury.

Small Group/Corporate:

Life is busy and not everyone has the same schedule – many of us work shifts making it hard to get into a healthy fitness routine.

Full On offers small group incentives to help you make the most of your workouts on a schedule that works for you.

So whether your a group of mom’s who want a workout during your kids ball game, executives that need stress relief at your convenience or getting off night shift and in need of some energy look no further, we will get you the fitness you desire.


Full On regularly host educational seminars, regeneration workshops, athletic development camps and classes to fundraise for the community. Keep posted on our online scheduler or via Full On Newsletters to see what exciting things are in the works at Nanaimo’s first and only Strength and Conditioning Center.